Twisted silver

Even though I use some make up products religiously - I've bought the same mineral powder foundation, day cream, and lip balm since I was 15 - I'm somehow never that true to any mascara. Usually I will go with what catches my eye in the drug store (yes, that's my wild side) because I'm just a sucker for pretty packaging like this angled one. After all, if they put that much thought into the outside, the same must be for the inside, right? This 4D mascara by L'Oréal Paris is an upgrade from the Lash Architect I was already using but with more black pigments (yay!) and an improved texture. Promising, since my motto is something like the bigger, the blacker, the better for mascara's. I've worn it for three days and so far it meets my expectations; it might make it's way in to my bag as a regular. What's the one product you never leave the house without?

ps. This is the first picture with my new camera! Can't wait to show you more.

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