Fashion journal

Being a blogger I constantly carry my camera around, resulting in a lot of pictures. Of new items, outfits, events, random things, and some of them never make it on this blog. See here: a 'behind the scenes' peek of some of my recent fashion related activities.

What am I looking at?
New Blackberry after having it stolen in Florence (and I feel like myself again :P) / 2: Pieces nail colors fromZalando, love the 'silver flame' & 'granit' - and the price; €3 each / 3: New business cards arrived, yay! / 4: I want - no - must have these Acne Cypress boots! / 5: Talking always makes for great blooper pics / 6: Cupcakes at SuperTrash a while ago, wish I had them right here / 7: Got these last week - the denim dress was on sale for €8, total steal

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