Review: Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balms with SPF 15

The kind people at Wet n Wild sent me their new line of Juicy Lip Balms with SPF 15. These are a summer release, but there is no reason why they can't be loved all year round! These are only available at CVS and cost $2.99 a pop.

As makeup junkies, many of us are obsessed with packaging. While the packaging on these balms may not scream sophistication, I really love these big fat tubes! The over sized and bright colored packaging is really fun and youthful.

 I was worried that these would have a very synthetic taste but these are actually quite good. They taste like the yummy lip balms from my middle school days without the plasticy flavor. I especially love Cherry, which perfectly embodies the classic cherry lip balm flavor. 

These come in four flavors: Cherry, Watermelon, Raspberry, and Strawberry

 Regarding performance, these fare pretty well. I do feel that the balm is moisturizing, and I love the fact that these also have SPF 15. I do find that the balm wears away quickly (but this might be because they are so tasty!), leaving me with the desire to reapply frequently. If you are in the need for some intensive hydration these won't cut it, but these are nice to throw into your bag for a quick dose of moisture.

My favorite thing about these balms is that they are actually tinted! Each shade provides a kiss of juicy color to the lips. The color is sheer and subtle, like you just finished a Popsicle. Also, the balm glides on easily and imparts a nice juicy, glossy finish to the lips. Cherry and Raspberry have the prettiest tint, while Strawberry looks like a clear gloss on my lips. Watermelon, however, does leave a slight green sheen behind as you can see in the arm swatch below. If I wear Watermelon out in public, I top it with a gloss to cancel out the green tint!

While these won't replace my more hydrating, intensive care lip balms, these are fun balms that pack a surprising punch of juicy color.

This product was sent to me for consideration by PR. My review, as always, represents my experience alone with the product and is 100% honest.

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