My Fashion Week packing guide

If there's anything I've picked up from my visits to international Fashion Weeks, it has to be this. Travelling out of a suitcase, in depressing weather (hello FW in February) and a time crunch to change are no circumstances to put together a fab look. So I better come prepared...
Here's a list of what I'll pack for Fashion Week and why, illustrated by pics from StockholmStreetstyle.

My Fashion Week packing guide:
1) Big layers on top allow you to wear bare legs in colder weather. Wear a knit with leather for a more casual look.
2) Black leather with neon usually works (I actually have this same skirt and often wear it with my neon green blouse)
3) Flare pants are comfortable, a bit more unexpected than your average black skirt and have tons of styling options.
4) Stars or polka dots are making a big comeback and are a good option for speed dressing. Pair with lighter denim or leather or with bright accessories.
5) Oversized knits as a dress gives you a laid back look but is still sexy because of the legs (and... see point 1).
6) Bring at least one statement dress with unexpected print or cut.
7) Mohair jumpers to layer with everything.
8) Maroon, wine, burgundy... Colors that go with everything, work in every season (and are very much on trend right now).

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