Bye Bye Birchbox

It's that time of the month....meaning blogs are rolling out their September Birchbox reveals. 

After 5 months, I decided to cash in my Birchbox points and cancel my monthly subscription. If you have read my last few Birchbox related posts, then you know I had been increasingly underwhelmed by the service. Overall, I don't have anything incredibly negative to say about my Birchbox experience. Indeed, I received a handful of products that I now adore, will repurchase, and wouldn't have otherwise known about. However, my monthly selection was always hit or miss and in the long run I felt it was better to invest my monthly $10 into a product that I know for sure I will love.
I cashed in my points for this Korres Fig Showergel, which is truly divine. The scent is earthy and slightly sweet, and I am thrilled to find another natural bath product that I love. A sweet ending to a mediocre 5 month experiement.

How are you feeling about Birchbox these days? 
Do you think the service is worth what you pay for?

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