Q&A answers part 1: Personal style & fashion

Q&A Answers edition 1
Hope you enjoy the answers to your lovely questions! The personal, random and work/blog related ones will come up later so you can still add questions about that.

My icons, personal style & fashion

Who is your style icon?
I love looking at models off-duty and the head-to-toe perfect ensembles of magazine editors. So I’ve made a little collage above! There’s too many to name but here are a few. And my all time favorite girl: Carrie Bradshaw. Nobody does miss-matched like she did!

Never talk again or never have new clothes again?
Never new clothes again for sure! I’m way too chatty :P

Does your boyfriend like your style? You have some unique pieces like those Acne wedges, what does he think about that?
My boyfriend actually likes that I dress up and experiment a bit. Usually he’s very positive about what I wear. And when I show him an item and he’s not in to right away, I usually convince him when I tell how I’ll style it (with all my enthusiasm) or when I put it on.

What’s your favorite to relax in, to hang around on the couch?
I definately have a chill-uniform! It consists of plain black leggings, a longer T like American Apparal v-necks or another plain color and a knitted cardi. Incredibly comfi and it actually looks ok too. And then when I go out to get groceries I put on black low All Stars plus a big scarf.

How do you get inspiration?

Inspiration, or where it comes from, is such a difficult thing to put your finger on (at least, for me it is) so I always find that a hard question. To get ideas I turn to a lot of other blogs, style websites like Jak&Jil and Style.com and Dutch and English/US magazines. But what my parents taught me is that inspiration is really looking at ordinary things with an open mind, which can make them extraordinary. Does that make sense?

Which item would you absolutely love to have hanging in your closet at this moment?
Call me cliché, but I’m dreaming of a silver hardware Chanel 2.55. Perfection in a bag.

What do you consider a key item that everyone should have in their closet?
I actually have a few and even though it’s different for everyone, I couldn’t do without: a black leather jacket, black blazer and black leather ankle boots. Simply because they are suited for all four seasons, are easy to combine and you’ll be able to wear them for years.

You see a very very very beautiful dress and you fall in love with it. The price is good as well. But when you try it on, it's soooo uncomfortable. So, do you prefer comfort or beauty?
I’ve done both; buying something that was uncomfortable and hanging something back for the same reason. It depends on the occasion; for Fashion Week I’d be more willing to hurt a little, but for daily wear I want to be more comfortable. However, I do wear heels a lot because they finish an outfit, even though flats are obviously more comfy.

Which was your first designer item?
I’m not sure, it depends if you also count brands like Acne! My first big designer item are these S/S10 Prada heels that I got on holiday in Los Angeles this summer.

What’s the first fashion related party you’ve ever been to and how was that?
Gosh, I don’t remember exactly but my first big event were the ELLE Style Awards. A good start, right?! I was over the moon to take part in something like that and impressed with everything I saw. And a little nervous to tell you the truth; I had no idea how it worked… do you talk to strangers, where do you leave your coat, do you need to thank the person that has invited you, things like that.

Which make up or body products are your essentials?
I can’t go without mineral powder by i.d. BareMinerals for some light coverage and super black mascara.

What would you suggest to those who haven't found their style yet?
Start with building a basic wardrobe, with more timeless pieces that fit you well, and build from there. What that means can differ, but to me a guideline could be a black leather jacket, black blazer, grey / black skinny jeans, loose white T, knitted jumper or cardi, daytime dress, leather or printed skirt, a silk blouse in a neutral color. And then add pieces that stand out or are more trendy from there.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction? How did you deal with it? You bet! Sometimes I’ve stepped out in an outfit that seemed marvelous in front of the mirror but made me feel stupid once I enter the street. (You know that feeling?) What to do… suck it up I guess or remove the item that doesn’t work!

Are the H&M heels you wore to Paris Fashion Week true to size?
Yes, they are! If you’re doubting, go for the larger size.

Where do you buy your jewelry?
For more trend sensitive pieces I scout H&M and ASOS or Ydeltuyt. And the items on Fashionology are simply amazing. Also, I like collecting silver items from my trips all over the world and I love getting jewelry as a gift from someone close. I remember being 12, about to turn 13, and I was dying to have a silver medallion necklace after reading a certain book about it. My twin brother bought it for our (haha!) birthday with a little help from my mom and whenever I look at that, I remember being a kid and getting my first ‘real’ piece of jewelry. O, how grown up it made me feel!

How and why you became interested in fashion?
I think it’s partially something that you either have or you don’t and partially something that grows on you. Having access to my mom’s fashion magazines like ELLE, always playing dress up with her old clothes, going to stores for inspiration as a kid and teenager and being in a creative environment from an early age on probably also made me appreciate fashion.

Never heels or never flats?
Ohhh, that’s a tough one since I’m obsessed with heels and wear them as much as I can. If my feet need a break I’ll just wear wedges then ; )

I love how you put your outfits together. And I envy your talent. I've just moved to the Netherlands from Malaysia and I'm having problems with dressing up for autumn and winter because it's too cold. What should I put on to keep warm but not bulk up? What should I invest in? Hope you can help!
One of my problems too! We should just move to California where you don’t have to worry about freezing ;) I think one or two knit jumpers – like the one I showed last week – are key to survive and you can use them winter after winter, so they’re worth your money. I usually wear two pairs of black tights, which is very warm, or tights under anything really. Also a big scarf (H&M has good options!) and adorable leather cloves (with bows perhaps) are nice. And I layer tank tops by H&M underneath everything for some warmth. (Layering is key; wear a daytime dress with tights, a cute cardi or knit. Maybe with a thin waist belt to create some silhouette, and then a leather jacket and gloves and a chunky scarf, for example)

Who are your favorite national and international bloggers?
I have about 20 and I keep finding more! Check out the “I ♥ blog” list on the right side of my blog : )

Which fashion book or film would you recommend?
Haven’t seen them all but these are my favorites or on my next-to-watch list:
“Marc Jacobs + Louis Vuitton” (I’m crazy about Marc), “Signe Chanel”, “The September Issue” (if you love magazines as much as me), “Secret World of Haute Couture” (a BBC documentary), “Viktor & Rolf - Because We're Worth it", “Seamless” (about what it takes for young designers), “Valentino: the last emperor.”

Where do you cut your hair? (I love it!)
For 10 years now I’ve been visiting my hair stylist Miriam in my birth town Eindhoven, she is beyond good and very sweet. In Amsterdam I think everyone at Rob Peetoom is really talented.

Do you keep the latest trends in mind while shopping?
They’re always in the back of my mind, but I try not to be guided by them completely and look for items that will last longer than a season and that suit me above all.

How did u learn to walk on high heels?
I started practicing with my mom’s shoes when I was young, they always fascinated me. Start with wedges and a thick heel in the beginning and try on loads of heels. Once you’ve found the right fit, it’s doable!

When do you feel prettiest and when do you feel ugliest?
Prettiest; when I’m comfortable on the inside, when I’ve slept well, when everything (aka skin, hair, etc) works without having to do anything about it, when I’m wearing a fabulous (new) outfit. Ugliest; all the above but then insert the word not ;) Especially when I’m tired or stressed out.

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