Playing favorites

H&M trend blouse, dress / Primark denim shirt / H&M printed pants & sweater Zara knit / Style by Marina coat

December is going to be insanely busy with 2 huge exams, 2 research papers, a driving test and then there's work and blogging (I hope I'll have enough time!) and my personal life... Honestly, it's giving me a total brain freeze. So I took one more free day before working non-stop at university by cleaning my room and closet, because it's easier to focus in a peacefull environment. I re-organized my clothing rack with some of my favorite items. Hanging stuff on there is very effective to find new combinations and discover what I have (which is very much in line with my last post). These are my current favorites and I'll show you this new Style by Marina camel coat as soon as I can!

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