The hall of shoe shame

This post couldn't be more obvious. Stopping the shopping isn't my cup of tea! A small part of me said not to get them, but the other part said 1) you don't have lace ups yet, 2) these are both really cheap, 3) you regretted not getting them last year. Am I now in the hall of shoe shame?

-> Ever since my previous post was up I got a virus scan when I opened my blog. So I deleted it. I'm extra coutious these days as I'm still recovering from the absolute horror I experienced when my laptop broke down on me three months ago with al my pictures and documents inside.
-> Something really exciting is coming up in two weeks, can't wait to tell you all about it!
-> I dropped out of the G-star competition. It's in the exact week I have to finish my thesis and since I wouldn't be able to go I had to give up. Still, I really appreciate all your support. I have the best readers :D

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