Q&A: the personal questions and unseen USA pics

Do you plan on becoming a designer or something fashion related? And what do you study?
Recently I got my Bachelors degree in Communication Science and now getting a Masters degree in Corporate communication. Writing and branding both appeal to me strongly, especially when it is fashion related, so I’m trying to create a path for myself in that direction. My blog, education, job and internship at Grazia have helped me in that sense and another big dream will come true in two months… stay tuned!

Your first job was in Grazia? What was your biggest fear on your first day of work?
Other than working for my father's communication company, it was. I interned for four months as a copywriter and I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined :) Seeing what it takes to produce a weekly magazine, how decisions are made, how to interact with collegues, celebrities and getting to write a lot. Of course I was a little nervous, mostly about if my articles would be good enough. Luckily the team is incredibly sweet and welcoming and it all worked out great ;)

How tall are you?
1.62 or 1.63.

Do you believe in God?
No. I think I’m a bit too down to earth and non-traditional. It’s a personal opinion but to me there are just too many things that don’t add up :) Religions can provide examples for how to be a good person but I myself only believe we have this life – right here, right now.

What’s the nicest place you’ve ever been? What countries have you been?
I’ve travelled a lot and I’m thankful for that. Besides visiting countries in Europe, I’ve travelled through Thailand three times, Vietnam, India, Laos, Cuba, Cambodia, Mexico, Indonesia, China, and the United States and Hawaii. My 3d trip to Thailand when I was 18 was special because I was all by myself and pretty anxious. And the road trip my boyfriend and I did last summer was simply fantastic! You told me on Twitter you wanted to see some more unseen pictures, so here we go ;)

What's your zodiac sign?
Twins… And I used to think (ok, I still do :P) that was the coolest thing because I’m an actual twin as well.

How long have you and your boyfriend been together and do you see your future with your boyfriend? Does he like fashion too?
We’ve been together for 3,5 years and have known each other since the very first day of high school 10 years ago. I’m not one to plan my relationship 20 years ahead, I think people can change and grow over time – either bringing you closer together or drifting you more apart. Right now, things are going really great :D

Haha, well, he likes to dress nicely and knows a thing or two about trends but obviously he’s not in to it as much as I am. And I constantly bother him with fashion things and wish lists and I’m always surprised by the patience he has with that ;)

What was your first job and can you describe it and yourself at the time?
I started working at my father’s communication company Michels Communicatie around age 14 and still do. We writes articles and my dad has written many books about communication and branding which are actually best sellers in the Netherlands.

Which music do you like?
I like listening to something like Leela James, Erykah Badu,John Legend, James Morrisson, John Mayer andfor fun old Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Gaga and for beautiful lyrics I listen to bands like Coldplay and Keane.

How do you have the money to buy such lovely clothes? There is no way I could afford those brands-- I'm a college student too!
Working for it and making the right choices on how to spend your money. I try not to buy too much stuff just because it’s cheap, 20 euro’s here and there easily add up. Look at your favorite designer items and try to find a similar feel at H&M, Topshop, Zara, COS or River Island or on sale. If those are still a bit above your budget, scout flee markets, try Ebay even for high street finds; particularly Topshop and H&M have a lot circulating on Ebay. And I’m lucky enough to sometimes receive clothing.

How do you feel about tattoos?
I love a pretty tattoo and there are so many I wouldn’t want on my body. I’ve thought about getting one for years, but I’m still not confident with putting something on my body for life.

Do you have pets or do you want any?
Nope, they wouldn’t fit in my life right now. When I was a kid I’d always wish for a puppy for Christmas though.

Your hair colour is beautiful, is it natural or do you get some highlights in it?
Thanks! Naturally I have a lot of different shades of blonde in my hair and it’s darker at the bottom. I added some high lights to create more depth and light.

Which camera do you use?
A Nikon D60 with a 50 mm lens.

How do you stay in shape?
I wish I worked out and used to dance a lot but I currently don’t have (or don’t make) the time. My bike is my nr 1 way to get around Amsterdam though, so that keeps me moving. And I try to eat healthy but am addicted to Dorito's and stuff Maltesers. Luckily I don’t gain really fast.)

Are you Dutch or do you have another origin?
100 % Dutch!

Which hair products do you use and how do you style it?
My favorite shampoos and conditioners are by Joico and a more budget friendly favorite is the Royal Jelly line by Gliss Kur.

Do you have a life motto?
Not necessarily a single line, but more like a ‘life mindset’.
To me it’s important to dream big and believing in my own strength to make them a reality. It's about being the best version of yourself, not just career wise, but also in terms of being a positive and compassionate person.

If there was a zombie apocalypse and you only had one of each,
what would be your weapon, theme song, and sidekick?

SUCH an awesome question! Weapon of choice would be those cool sticks with a chain in the middle, theme song is some old James Bond kind of thing and as sidekick… I'd pick James Franco as Harry Osborn from Spiderman because we’d be an evil and very hot duo together, muahahaha (*practices evil laugh)

What is your bad habit?
I’m not super patient and if things don’t turn out really well, I can get freaked out or stressed. I think I want to prove myself or my capabilities but I’m starting to let loose a bit. Turns out; everything is still fine if you relax a little :)

What’s your favorite movie?
Not sure I have one in particular, but it would gravitate towards something a little dramatic with a sense of reality. Recent examples would be The Reader, A Single Man, or Million Dollar Baby, the Departed. Another good movie I recently watched is The secret in their eyes / El secreto de sus ojos, now also nominated for an Oscar. Also, I´m addicted to Louis Theroux documentaries, National Geographic´s Locked up abroad and Cold Case and Law & Order. Yes, I have a crime obsession, always had. And on a lighter note, I nearly died laughing when watching the Hangover and I like romantic comedies if they’re not too lame (aka Catherine Heighl is some uptight girl, meets a rude guy and they end up together).

Would you like to work as a fashion editor in Vogue or something like that?
The magazine world has appealed to me ever since I can imagine. Actually, working for an American magazine is one of my ultimate goals / dreams. For now I would prefer working for Teen Vogue.

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