Celine for everyone: DIY

The DIY- pics aren't mine! From blog chic-steals

Usually when a catwalk collection sparks a wave of inspiration for high street brands and self-sewing projects, it's the more subtle details like this that are copied. You can count me in for leather details on pretty much anything, so a tutorial on chic-steals that just involved 1)measuring 2)cutting and 3)sewing, surely caught my attention. Unfortunately my skills with needle & thread go about as far as adding a button (I wish I had a sewing machine to practice!) So if you're not the crafty type - like yours truly - Zara created a version as well. And although it's a little more plain and a little less in quality, it sort of does the trick.

pictures: zara / style.com / a pair and a spare via chic-steals.com

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