Home is where the heart is

Buddha from Vietnam, All Stars I got in China + my favorite dress from FCUK

My mom as a kid and a painting my dad gave me + mirror, everyday jewelry and perfume

Some of my shoes + mini muffins (new addiction, great with movies)

Small clothing rack built in my closet + random selection of magazines

Home, sweet home. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they live. Many of you requested to see my home - with emphasis on my closet - so here it goes. In this picture my closet only carries the items I wear on a daily basis. I recently removed every single piece I don't wear. Now I have to sort out what makes it's way back in the closet and what goes out. (This means: all my other clothes are in bags, so I'm just moving the problem around) I have a new found pleasure in opening a clutter-free closet, so I don't even want to sort all that out hahah! And how is your room, a big mess or always clean?

ps. the blogger article for Grazia that I'm featured in won't be out this week but a little later! I'll keep you posted.

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