So charming

Let me put it simple: original packaging is the key to my heart. It grabs your attention and really adds to the product. So imagine my joy when I open a box and find a paint can with a scarf inside. Circle scarfs are my favorites and this one from Donni Charm (thanks Alyssa!) is really soft and has a silver charm and little chains on it. This baby is glued to my neck from now on!

Man, it's frrreezing out here, so I stacked up two skin colored tights underneath these dotted ones. (The length a girl goes to to wear her favorite stockings!) Will it be a white Christmass where you live too? ps. You can still enter the give away in the previous post. And you can also make me really happy by following me on Bloglovin from now on!
Circle scarf: Donni Charm - Jacket: Zara exclusive - Dress: Zara - Boots: h&m - Tights: Zara

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