Glamour goes Guerilla!

Editor at large Karin Swerink

Me in front of the abri

Yesterday evening I headed to the office of Glamour magazine where the team was enjoying champagne and french fries. We then headed out, ready for some action! (Peep toe heels wasn't the smartest choice at hand)

It's the inside that counts is now painted over Glamour abri's all over Holland by the Glamour vandalista's. Even the cops showed up! Glamour editor at large Karin Swerink told me last night: "This fashion statement obviously applies to the inside of the magazine. And Glamour is not just about the latest Balenciaga jeans. It's about feeling comfortable in your own skin and living your own life. We love beautiful clothes, from Prada to Zara. But true Glamour comes from within!"

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